Forms, Rules & Acts

Rules and Regulations

Various Forms for Direct Recruitment/ Promotion/ Framing / Amendment of Recruitment Rules (For Official Use Only)

Commission’s prescribed form for sending Proposal to TPSC for AD-HOC Appointment ( ANNEXURE– I)

2.  Commission’s prescribed form for sending draft Recruitment Rules (Schedule) to TPSC. (ANNEXURE – III)

3.  Commission’s prescribed form for framing of Recruitment Rules (Schedule) to be sent to TPSC. (ANNEXURE – IV)

4. Commission’s prescribed form for amending of Recruitment Rules (Schedule) to TPSC. (ANNEXURE – V)

5.  Commission’s prescribed form for sending requisition for Direct Recruitment to TPSC (ANNEXURE – VI)

6. Commission’s prescribed form for sending the Promotional  Proposal to TPSC. ( ANNEXURE  – VIII)

7. Pro-forma/ Checklist for forwarding Disciplinary Cases to the Tripura Public Service Commission ANNEXURE – X)


        The provision for constitution of Public Service Commission was first incorporated under Article 96C of the Government of ...