Activities of the Library


1.   Administrative Sub Section: Acquisition of books, journals and documents for the use of the Commission as well as the other Govt.  departments as and when required.

2.    Circulation Sub Section: Circulation of reference books, journals, old question papers and official documents as and when required by the Commission, general candidates and other Govt. departments. Every day, large no of candidates, appearing for different competitive examinations are visiting the TPSC library for collecting the question papers and other related information. The Library of this Commission is providing the question papers and other documents to the user community without losing the time of the users to meet the user needs by and large. The library of the Commission circulates the books and related journals to the Hon’ble Members of the Commission and staff of the Commission’s secretariat. Besides this, daily 50 to 60 no of candidates visit the library of TPSC for collecting the old question papers.

3.      Stack Sub Section: Preservation of books and journals for easy access.

4.  Reference Sub Section: TPSC library has a wide collection of reference books.Total no of Reference books of the reference Section is 15, 000. This section has a special collection of books as mentioned below:
i.    Tripura Corner: A special collection of books related with Tripura. The Library of TPSC continuously trying to equip it with the books written by the authors of Tripura, books published from Tripura, books related with the Historical, Cultural and Geographical aspects of Tripura.
ii.   Service matter books collection: This type of Collection development is only single one in Tripura. TPSC library constantly trying to improve this books collection to help the Govt. employees, working under Govt. of Tripura by providing related information and  as  when required.
iii.    Books on General knowledge and Current affairs: For tuning up with the current events and general knowledge, the library is consistently trying to collect the up to date books, journals and important Govt. documents such as notifications, memo, office orders etc related with the different Govt. departments of Tripura.
5.    Journal Sub Section: TPSC Library has a wide collection of Journals of National level and state level, Law journals, Tripura Gazette, India Gazette, Journal related with current affairs.

Total no of subscribed Journals  (online and off line mode): 
300 [Out of 300 journals, 200 (approx) in bound volume].

6.    Data entry Section: The Commission’s Library has started the process of digitization which is now running successfully running. In comparison to other Libraries of Tripura, TPSC library is doing the digitization process more economically and scientifically. As a result, a wide digital collection is gradually developing in the library of TPSC.

TPSC library has separate computer cell for data entry of all the holdings of the library. E-granthalay software is running for library service. Bar-coding of the books and journals, tagging, recording,  keeping all the works are done automatically  for better library service.

7.      Permanent Record Cell: One separate cell namely ‘Permanent Record Cell’ has been opened in the Library as an extension service. In total 5000 files are so far archived in this cell as permanent records and are kept scientifically and securely.  

8.   Old Question Paper Archive Section: For creating awareness regarding scheduled and Non- scheduled examinations conducted by TPSC, the Commission decided to circulate the copy of the old question papers to the candidates. The library of TPSC collects, preserves and circulates the old question papers to the candidates for their awareness of examination systems of TPSC.

9.   Technical Sub- section: This section performs the duties like classifications, cataloguing (manual) of books and journals. Technical section of the TPSC library also implemented the software DSPACE for permanent record keeping which is also first time time in Tripura.

10.  Digital Processing Unit: For digitisation of the documents, a studio with high resolution camera is installed. After taking the snap shot, the image is turned in to PDF file and stored in the particular location of the computer. This project is first in Tripura also implemented for digital preservation of the documents without hampering the hard copy .

The contents of these pages are informatory in nature.


        The provision for constitution of Public Service Commission was first incorporated under Article 96C of the Government of ...